Network Integration Labs

Welcome to the Non-Production Environments online resource page.

This site provides you with the essential documents you will need to access the test environments. The test environments can support both Network testing and Information Systems (IS) testing e.g. Fulfill, Assure and Billing.

Please complete the following form and send to

NPE Engagement Request Form

Additional forms based on your requirements:

NPE Equipment Delivery or Removal Form

NPE Equipment Login Request Form

NPE Network Handover Template

NPE IS Handover Template

NPE IS Environment Cleanup

Once your project has a booking and you need changes applied to the environment then you need to complete the NPE Change Request form and send it to Your change request will be discussed at your environment's daily Change Control Board meeting.

NPE Change Request Form

If your change is urgent then contact your NPE Lead to discuss options for fast-tracking the change or email

You can complete the PTTL course here